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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 13:31:18

SJAM site is challenging no dought, but I feel this location is the best location possible and probably the only site that comes close to meeting the needs of both the Tiger-Cats and The City of Hamilton. Moving a high school in short order would be difficult but not impossible. Bratina suggested a site at Bay and Sheafe, which would back onto Central Park. That site may provide a legacy use for the warm-up track if it were placed in the park in close proximity to a new school and close enough to the stadium. SJAM is a pie shaped lot with about 650 feet fronting on Bay, 900 on Cannon, 200 on Hess and 1100 on York. So if you were to stick to a north/south configuration along Bay it could be designed to fit, with or without a velodrome or warm-up track on the western end of this property. Now we may be able to place the velodrome at the Rheem site or the 5 acre city yards on the south side of Barton at Caroline, which would enhance the location of the High School and/or create Bayfront developments. Recently the Board of Education completed a school project in Beasley Park along with a community centre. I can't remember the specifics but at the time it crossed my mind that it would be similar in size to a new high school (by population) I remember it costing $14 million dollars. I also read somewhere that the asking price for the 15 acre site on the east mountain is $7.9 million, not to mention the 40 acres for 6000 parking spots or roughly $20 million more. So it seems to me that if we could get the powers that be to at least consider a third option, this may be the real compromise site.

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