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By F. Ward Cleat (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 11:38:17

what I find interesting is Mr. Youngs suggestion that there is a Downtown site that could work. Could that be the John A. MacDonald school site? Now before everyone gets bent out of shape, think about it. It's 400 metres from the proposed site with an elevated view of the harbour. It's surrounded by two inner-city expressways (Cannon and Wilson) as well as numerous other built roadways. Close to thousands of existing parking spaces, a short distance between two GO stations and central to almost every bus route in the system and of course two future LRT lines... Surrounded by acres of vacant or under utilized property. This location would most likely appeal to 'spin-off' development (Hall of Fame, Sports Medicine, Copp's renovation, "Setting Sail', Hotels etc.) more than either of the present proposed sites. So before this whole thing gets 'blown-up,' the powers that be need to ask the tough questions, drop the posturing, and for once do something that will inspire the citizens of this 'Great City,' instead of annoying them.

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