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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2010 at 10:58:54

What about Bratina's preferred locations? One was the land area east of John Street between King William and Wilson - that's in the middle of Hamilton's ocean of surface-level parking.

I think Young takes too much of the blame on this. The more I learn about the West Harbour, the more I realize that Young is correct about one thing - it's a bad location for a stadium.

This does not mean that stoney creek is better, though.

It's obvious what happened - the City went through a bunch of locations, and excitement of the glamorous idea of a harbourfront stadium that gives them an opportunity to clean up a particularly nasty brownfield got them carried away, leading them to ignore the flaws.

These flaws are dealbrakers for Young's already expensive team. But every other location is now off the table. So he makes up his dream location - the one that doesn't really off the city anything, but is the absolute best thing for him, and puts enough money to get council onboard. After all, if council is already committed to a bad location, why bother with compromise?

The stadium should be in the city... but West Harbour isn't it.

This city has oceans of surface-level parking, dead buildings, and empty warehouses. There are available locations that have none of the flaws of the WH and the EM. But the political will to find them is long gone.

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