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By Pigskin PPP (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 10:38:17

*In rejecting the West Harbour, Young reiterated, "That does not mean there may not be downtown locations that do work for a stadium, but we have not been offered any."

He suggests that West Harbour supporters would be better off "lobbying for some third location that will work for a large audience event business, because a stadium without a tenant is a terrible investment of City resources."*

Such as IWS? Isn't most cost-effective solution not moving at all?

*He added that the Ticats "will make public in the next week or so a more detailed breakdown of the problems in the West Harbour that the experts have been pointing out to the City staff behind closed doors since last November."*

So we can expect big headlines in early August, a mere nine months after the issues came to light and days before the Aug 10 deadline. The playbook is becoming familiar.

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