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By jason (registered) | Posted July 19, 2010 at 09:20:51

Just did some noodling around on Google Maps and it confirms my theory that this is 100% about parking money (pretty sad to hijack a public project over some parking money).

Queen and Barton is 1,200 metres from the 403. Within 800 metres of the site are the following major road lane capacities:

Barton - 4 lanes Queen - 3 York - 6 Bay - 3 Locke - 2 Dundurn - 3 Cannon/Wilson - 10 King - 5 Main - 5 James - 2

That's 43 lanes of major street capacity (nevermind the great transit/walking/cycling connections)

The East Mountain site has the following access:

The Linc - 400 or 600 metres (I'm not sure which side of Stonechurch this ORC land sits)

Major street lane capacities within 800 metres: Stonechurch - 2 Pritchard - 2 Upp. Mount Albion - 2 Highland Rd (not sure this is a main road, but let's add it anyways) - 2 Winterberry - 4 Mud St - 4

That's 16 lanes of major road capacity with almost NO walking/cycling opportunities and with horrendous transit access.

As we all know, this is about money. And in this case, parking money. To choose a site with such horrible access compared with the West Harbour, and to make matters worse, it's way further removed from the city population which will compound the lack of access.

The city needs to do the right thing and save us from embarrassing ourselves.

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