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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 17:25:07

Centrist >> Council needs to focus on improving public transportation, limiting sprawl, and enticing more people to LIVE downtown.

Is it a coincidence that the areas of the city with the highest tax rates and highest level of public transit/spending are also the worst in terms of property values and income levels? Main and King have buses running all day and yet both streets are run down. Conversely, Dundas and Ancaster have less transit/government spending and yet both have healthier downtown's and higher incomes.

I believe it would be far better to reduce government spending and tax rates and let Hamilton taxpayers keep and spend more of their wealth, the way residents of Ancaster and Dundas get to. It's not as if the people who live in Dundas/Ancaster have terrible communities because of a lower level of government spending, quite likely the opposite is true.

They have less government spending, but this is made up for by more spending by individuals and businesses. This was the way Hamilton's economy developed in the first place, dominated by private sector investment and consumption. Our own history tells us what we need to do, get back to basics and let the market system, which rewards winners and punishes failure to distribute capital. Otherwise, the city will continue to waste money on things that never produce a profit, but that only lead to higher taxes and less income for residents.

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