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By adrian (registered) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 15:54:30

substantial and convenient proprietary parking

The City could work out a deal where the Cats received money from all the city-owned lots in the core on game days - perhaps 50% of the revenue or whatever was deemed a fair assessment of the number of people the Cats were bringing in.

I'm totally in favour of the WH site but I'm also entirely in favour of pushing Council to make some concessions that help Bob and his organization change their minds. We can get creative here!

I don't think extending Burlington Street to the 403 is going to work - no way are we going to destroy our waterfront with an expressway ala the Gardiner - but surely we could come up with other creative ideas, which may include some new roads or adjustments to current traffic patterns, as well as innovative revenue sharing arrangements, which would sweeten the deal for the Cats.

How about a ferry that would take people from Burlington to the game? We've got a boat, right? How fun would that be? How about ponying up for live entertainment / busking on the streets leading to the stadium on game days, to turn the experience of coming to the game and walking for a bit into something people are really excited about?

How about a liquor license for Bayfront Park on game days so we can throw North America's best tailgate parties?

I think many supporters of the WH site would be willing to put their voices behind some reasonable, creative, and innovative changes to the WH plan that result in us getting the stadium we want while also ensuring the Ticats are happy.

Note the second half of the motion on Our City, Our Future:

That an invitation be extended to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to be a community partner on new terms that allow for the financial success of the football club at the West Harbour location.

Bob, it's time for you to work with the community on identifying those terms. You could end up with a great deal and an outpouring of community support.

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