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By The Real Damon Allan (anonymous) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 15:34:48

Better get your ducks in a row and all of us run against this "comfy" city councillors. West Harbour makes the most sense. I've been a season ticket holder for 9 years and it's easy to get to the games at IW. Traffic jam bonanza for the EM site for sure. I am a Box J Boy and some of the boys are for the EM but that`s because of the ease in driving (believe me it will be in an and out and no money spent on area businesses). They (some of the boys) have long been outside of the core and never come downtown. They are suburbanites. Many others are for the WH. None of us have ever complained about access to the game. Create the destination and they will come. People would be willing to park farther and walk. I believe that the WH can work and something is going to happen behind the scenes to make it work. It just has to. I will hate going to games at the EM...hate it!!! I lived on the mountain for 32 years and moved to the lower city 2 years ago. Never looking back. I could never live on the mountain again. Maybe this whole mess is about ideology. I don`t know. I do want Bob to make money but I also want for our city to prosper. There IS a solution at the WH. We`re smart enought to find it.

On another note, the Box J Boys were threatened by arrest by a rookie cop at the game last night for throwing fans up after each score. This has been a tradition of ours for years. We`ll all go to jail if that`s how the police and ticat personnel want to play. Something tells me however that the cats will straighten this out. Not sure what the motive is behind backing a police officer on this one. Check out the commotion or lack there of at the next game ;)

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