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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 12:42:22

Kiely, don't mind me, I'm into the brewskies now heading down to the game, don't take anything personal, you can call me a rough and tumble low class football guy, it's ok, I can take it. hee,hee - Hamilton Fan

Trust me I don't take anything personally. I've been called worse by better ; )

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, it was a beautiful night for football.

In the end Hamilton Fan what I am trying to say is the value of what Bob Young is trying to sell us is for us all to individually decide. But we need to do so with the understanding that all we are buying is what Bob Young is selling us. Rejuvenation is not guaranteed, economic benefit for anyone besides Bob Young is not guaranteed and nor is the future success of the Ti-Cats. Currently, we are buying entertainment with $60 million in Future Fund money. All the talk of money from The Ti-Cats is meaningless. Look at what the city is going to spend and decide if entertainment warrants the cost. If it doesn't let your representatives know, if it does let them know as well.

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