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By Undecided (anonymous) | Posted July 16, 2010 at 21:56:35

I'm still up in the air as I've heard arguments from both sides now. My hesitation is that I want to see something that is best for the City, I look at the City as a region and not the downtown verses what you refer to (on RTH) as the suburbs.

My only concern with the downtown location is the white elephant that Copps has turned into. I mean, look closely at it's exterior, it is peeling paint, burnt out light bulbs and utterly disgusting. It was supposed to be the saviour, it is simply a destination that has very little spill over effects.

When I bring my children to Disney on Ice etc, I'm always cognizant of the half way house with child molesters across the street. I go to the event and have dinner on the mountain. Would a new stadium in the west harbour have the same fate?

I've been to Bayfront park many times and don't let my children out of site, not for fear of falling in the water (they know not to go near) but the bums and riff raff around. Just like downtown. Not safe for families.

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