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By Pigskin PPP (anonymous) | Posted July 16, 2010 at 21:13:49

highwater: "If I'm paying for half the cost of the parking, I want half the revenue."

Over pitchers and wings earlier, one of my co-workers floated a potential win-lose scenario: The Cats get the green light on their desired EM stadium, but the city politely declines the Caretaker's facility management offer in favour of a third party bid; that party imposes a fair and realistic but dispassionate rental rate, the city retains naming rights and splits game day F&B, in-stadium advertising and parking revenues 50/50 with the club. Hamilton would retain the team, and the team would be spared the discomfort of having to fund its own stadium. And if the arrangement didn't make business sense to the Ticats at that point, it would be a striking cautionary tale for any municipalities that might have been looking to adopt.

Dunno if that makes any sense... like I said, pitchers and wings.

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