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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 16, 2010 at 15:39:10

As skully and others have pointed out, the Ticats have created an enormous amount of ill-will among Hamiltonians. - highwater

I'll add my name to the "I'll never step foot in an East Mountain stadium" list.

Although I agree this process is getting ugly, couldn't we say the same with how city council handled this? Wouldn't that mean we should also say that we shouldn't support the WH stadium and not step foot in it?

Then both sides take the fall when the Pan Am games falls through.

I also don't like EM, but is it right that the Cats have only these two choices on the table?

Just saying if we don't like how both sides are going about it, why not abandon both?

Not sure I want to be that drastic either way, but I wonder.

I'll go wherever the Cats go I guess bottom line (sucking in my pride), even out of town. I'll give anything a try, but will I like it? Will I go out of my way to get there? Will there be that 'pride'? Probably not.

WH I would and of course, the current site I do and would always, but if I ever move out of town, the first time I get stuck at the harbor for a half hour moving nowhere, it would probably be the last time I go. While I live here though, lack of parking (if that was even an issue), or traffic wouldn't affect me. Just means we have to make sure it's accessible locally through transit, so that it can be sustained by local fans/visitors, and limit the need of outside interest - at least car going interest. Not alienate it, but not totally rely on it.

I would bottom line though, attend EM probably less because I like to 'have a good time'. I can already barely afford to go to a game. Add $20 for parking and I haven't even had a drink yet and a decent ticket and parking has cost me $60. Maybe fine for rich NHL/NFL cities, but not for this one.

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