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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 16, 2010 at 14:08:38

And not to beat on my whole 'Save Ivor Wynne' mentality, but talking about buses and public transit, I Can take a dozen buses on the mountain that will get me downtown (strike one for the WH location), and than a half dozen choices or more that will get me to IWS. Cannon, Barton, King, Main, Rosedale, B-Line, and probably more.

All that I guess does support WH in many ways, but I still say it makes the current site more and more attractive when you take away the air that everyone has been blowing at us as to why the stadium needs to go.

You know, when I started my FB page to save IW, I didn't think much about it and I still only have a few supporters. But then this guy who wants to run for mayor jumps on board and starts posting links to all these facts as to why IWS should live on and is the best choice on so many levels.

Okay, maybe he is just trying to win brownie points and a vote come the fall. First thing that comes to mind right? Never heard of this guy. Then you start looking into what he stands for and you realize he means what he says and his platform stands by it.

This guy is running for mayor and wants to save Ivor Wynne Stadium. For more than just reasons I talked about in my article. Mahesh was looking around for stories to support my standpoint on this process? I don't know, that is pretty cool in my books. It's a lot of work to win one vote. Although I want to read all platforms before I do make my vote, he has me intriqued and exicted at the possibility of such a Hamilton (a future), for my children.

I think his vision can be summed up by this song that Mahesh, sent me the link to.

Mahesh has made me think, should our vote (if our vote really means anything which I beleive it does), be 'None of the above'?

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