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By caretaker (registered) | Posted July 16, 2010 at 12:31:30

I'm not saying there's a conspiracy. I'm saying that the Province went very abruptly from being bullish on the West Harbour, with its triple-win brownfield remediation, urban revitalization and transit integration, to recommending and endorsing a retrograde suburban location that goes against all of the Province's rhetoric on intensification (not to mention the city's objectives and the purpose of the Future Fund).

There was a very good article posted here earlier this month about the responsibility to change one's position when the facts change.

The Province never really cared where in Hamilton the stadium was going to be built. They just wanted to see a successful stadium that would contribute the future economic success of Hamilton. When they recognized that the West Harbour did not have the access needed to run a successful large audience event business in the West Harbour they then changed their position on -that- location.

If the City had offered another downtown location that offered both the benefits you list above and the access a stadium needs I'm sure they would have been all over it. But if the choice is between EM and WH, then the province did what your site suggest all intelligent people do, they changed their position in the face of new facts.

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