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By caretaker (registered) | Posted July 16, 2010 at 12:11:21

Just to repeat:

The debate is not between "downtown" and "suburban". The problem is the specific limitations of the West Harbour.

uh hmmm...regular basis? 10 times a year is hardly regular!

A properly planned new stadium will bring dozens of new events to Hamilton. The goal of a new stadium should be to host a dozen events a month, weather permitting.

The problem with residential neighbourhoods such as Ivor Wynne, or Olympic Stadium in Montreal, or the proposed WH, is that in a residential neighbourhood you cannot host music concerts and cultural events much less larger sporting events.

If the city essentially offers you the new stadium for free on the West Harbourfront,

As a Hamilton taxpayer I don't want a "free" stadium that costs the city and its taxpayers millions to subsidize until the end of time. We want a stadium that can host events profitably so we (the Ticats) can pay our taxes like all financially successful businesses are able to do.

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