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By jonathan dalton (registered) | Posted July 16, 2010 at 11:36:15

Dear Bob Young:

I've never been to a Tiger Cat game before but I became interested when I heard about the waterfront stadium. I could walk there, unlike the current stadium location.

I just got rid of my car so I have more disposable income for things like Tiger Cats tickets and expensive beer at sporting events. I would also likely spend even more money at the establishments on James Street after getting primed at a rousing football game.

Needless to say, that interest has all but evaporated in the wake of current events. Count me as one lost potential fan. I spend my money in places that I enjoy. If the team moves to the mountain, I will continue to spend my money downtown, on all the fine entertainment still to be found here.

If I were you, I would be concerned about the future. My story is not unique, as you can see by the myriad of responses on the Our City, Our Future campaign site. Car culture is on its way out. Young people want an urban experience; they'd rather spend their money on fun than being stuck in traffic everyday.

The Tiger Cats can be part of the fun in this city, or they can be part of the slow death of car culture.

I respect your need to fight for your business, and you must respect my need to fight for my city. I wish you all the best but since this is the city's money at stake, that which is strictly dedicated to investing in the city's future, I have no choice but to continue supporting the west harbour campaign.

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