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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 15:29:50

JM, the Argos would be a lot healthier if they played out of a more football specific stadium that is not as cavernous as the RC. And that is much more important to the health of the CFL IMHO than anything to do the TigerCats, Hamilton is not a city high on the CFL list of priorities IMHO, as we know it's a city with a lot of unemployment and is bleeding.

I will say kiss the CFL goodbye from Hamilton altogether but as I say, that's not really that important anyways. No disrespect to Hamilton at all, I love the city to death. But I grew up as an Argo fan so I could easily make the switch back to the double blue.

Actually my wife wouldn't mind going to Toronto for games, she loves all the sushi restaurants there and likes going to Toronto for shopping and that so she'd be all for the TiCats folding or relocating to Toronto. Mind you, all the TiCats stuff she has now, clothing, we'd have to dye it two shades of blue, but those are minor details to be worked out. ;)

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