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By RonPlinte (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 14:21:20

Councillor Terry Whitehead on CHML’s noon program today: (paraphrased) “The expressway was designed correctly, to the standards of that time. Rainstorms are becoming more intense.” My question then is, why weren’t the expressway councillors knowledgeable about climate change before the bulldozers assaulted the Valley, when citizens were informing them at the time that climate change would impact the flooding of the expressway? Was the City’s public participation program inadequate to allow these type of democratic contributions of its citizens to the feasibility and design of the project?

Then, Brian Baetz, Dept. of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, on the 1230 pm news: “The expressway is a failed experiment.” (with reference to the flooding of the roadway four times in the past 12 months)

Ron Plinte

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