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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 14:19:24

As I've said, I don't really care where the stadium is and IWS works fine for me and my wife now as it is. All I want are two things - for the city to be happy with the money they are contributing and for the TigerCats to be as profitable and healthy as they can be, preferably in Hamilton.

Now I will be brutally honest. I grew up in Lonon, Ontario as an Argo fan and actually hated the TigerCata although loved Garney Henley. Since I've lived in Hamilton since 1986, I've taken the TigerCats on as my team and have had season tickets for many years including this year. But I'm wondering if there are enough TiCat or Argo fans combined in this area, greater GTA to Hamilton to really make a go of two teams? I question that. That is why in some respects while I do cherish the history of the TigerCats in Hamilton, for me I wouldn't mind Hamilton bowing out of the PanAms and Bob and David Braley joining forces to build a stadium somewhere in the GTA with or without the PanAm involvement and perhaps try and keep the two teams going but more realistically combine the 2 teams into one.

I know a lot of you here and in the city don't care about stadiums or the TigerCats so why not allow Bob to move the team. Braley eventually wants to sell the Argos of course since he owns the Lions as well and I think it would be great for Bob to buy them should 2 teams not work at the new stadium.

Perhaps it's time Hamilton and the TigerCats say farewell to each other for the good of many people in Hamilton who don't care about them, and for the CFL actually as I do think that the health of a team closer to Toronto is more important to the league than a team in Hamilton, a much smaller city that is bleeding and really might not be able to afford a professional football team any longer.

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