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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 15, 2010 at 14:15:32

Like the area around Ivor Wynne? This area is an actual community, yet for some reason it hasn't developed into anything but some of the cheapest real estate in the city.

Rebuild the stadium, tear down Scott Park school and arena, build a new twin pad arena. Then, you have a big field with two baseball diamonds, a soccer field, a twin pad arena, a nice shiny stadium, an already new Prince of Whales School, Jimmy Thompson Memorial pool, and perhaps the arena is also a community centre. Wouldn't that increase the worth of the area and encourage 'money' to come in and clean up around it?

Wouldn't that possibly encourage a handfull of the old buildings on King St to be turned into bars/restaurants/shops? Then put a Tiger-Cat store down by this new revitalized stadium.

Look at James St N before the artists moved in. Barton to me seems like it could have that same potentional to be a shopping district again if some major cleanup was done.

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