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By JM (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 12:34:36

"Do Barton and Bay Streets have a combined hourly capacity of 6,000 cars?"

Barton and Bay wont see 6,000 cars.... those cars would be spread out throughout the downtown and won't have to funnel through one tiny little offramp. What Bay and Barton do have is the capacity to handle a flood of pedestrians as it would be the easiest and fastest route out of the stadium area.... Just like Balsam and Beechwood after the game. You can try all you want to drive through that. Oh yea, and what about the flood of people walking through a massive parking lot? Cars are going to have to wait for them anyways - so it really won't be any easier/faster to drive out of the EM stadium. Remember that....

On the parking lot topic, here's a GREAT comparison..... has anyone ever left Canada's Wonderland right when the park closes at 10:00pm?! They have DIRECT access to Hwy 400 (and a couple exits to Jane, Major Mac, Rutherford i think). It takes almost an hour to get out of that lot! I know its not the same amount of cars were talking, but its the same concept!


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