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By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 11:23:39

A couple of points for consideration:

First off, traffic to games will be taking place typically at current non-peak traffic times. While the Linc may have heavy traffic during weekday rush hours, weekend and holiday traffic is extremely light.

RHVP is designed for daily traffic capacity of more than 90,000 (about 4,000 cars per hour). Capacity for the Lincoln Alexander Parkway is similar.

Given the generally accepted AVO of 2.6 passengers/car a 20,000 crowd would generate just over 7600 cars under the assumption that 100% will arrive by personal vehicles (it is safe to say the amount will be lower as there will no doubt be some level of GO Transit and/or HSR shuttle service on game days). Most of those cars will arrive via the parkways, but 10-15% of the car trips likely would be arriving by other feeder roads (Mud Street, Stone Church, Hwy20, Rymal Road).

Given that I would assume that, while pushing capacity on game days, generally speaking the existing infrastructure would be able to handle the traffic. Granted, some tweaking of the Mud/Stonec Church on/off ramps would likely need to be done.

Having said that, the same scrutiny will need to be placed on West Harbour. Does the road infrastructure in the West Harbour have the capacity to handle a similar amount of vehicular traffic? While existing and future public transit could have the potential capacity to deliver 4000 to the games, that leaves 16,000 arriving by car (if we are still working with average 20,000 attendance). Do Barton and Bay Streets have a combined hourly capacity of 6,000 cars?

I understand city staff are instructed to deliver a detailed traffic analysis by August 10. It will be interesting to see what their findings will indicate.

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