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By Steve (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 10:32:44

You either get to the proposed WH stadium via the 403/york blvd entrance (one of the most beautiful entrances to a city in North America btw, and a great way to shift the city's perception of grit to glory in one swoop) or take Burlington Street that ends on James North, just a few blocks away from the stadium. The Go transit will lead you to it as will the light rail along James. Young is full of crap! If the ticat's owned all the parking lots surrounding the proposed WH stadium, they would be tickled pink about that location. This all boils down to money - or should I say - MORE money! Bob Young and Scott Mitchell don't live in Hamilton and couldn't care less about the future of the city. I'd rather lose the ti-cats and develop the WH with our 60M then give it to those greedy corporate b's. Buy the time they get around to building light rail or any other mode of transit to the east Mountain location, Bob will be long gone.

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