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By caretaker (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 08:10:46

Then there's the 6,000 car parking lot, the highway interchange, the road widenings, the stormwater system upgrade that will be required to compensate for all the additional paving, the infrastructure to subsidize the spin off big box development...and on and on it goes.

Now compare those costs to the much higher costs of doing the same things in the West Harbour and you'll see why it would be such as mistake to try to shoe-horn a stadium in between residential neighbourhoods there.

Sprawl development, like that typified by a suburban stadium, is the reason our tax base is static. If you cared about our tax base, you would support the WH.

Suburban development does contribute to the tax base of our city, the province of Ontario, and the government of Canada. In very much the same way intelligently planned urban renewal projects contribute. It is poorly planned projects put in the wrong location that do not contribute.

You would be much better off turning your attention and energies to helping ensure a stadium is built that contributes to the future tax base of Hamilton in some viable location. Rather than insisting on building it in the one place in Hamilton that will require subsidies from the City to operate for decades to come.

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