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By Pigskin PPP (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2010 at 23:44:22

I'm still waiting to find out why, if IWS was so visibly decaying from the end of the last century onward, that nobody – not the city that owned the facility, and not the Ticats, the principal tenant of the facility – thought to initiate strategy sessions on how to move forward with a plan that would suit all involved. Factor out the taxpayers, if it helps. The question remains, why have the city and the cats had their heads in colonoscopy mode for the last 10 or more years? Why, after a replacement stadium became identified as an pressing issue by Cats prez Scott Mitchell two years ago, has the sense of urgency been dictated by Hostco alone? I am starting to think that we should bow out of the games and solve the IWS crisis without benefit of the additional tens of millions from upper levels of government, and let the private interests that believe in the viability of this team ante up. It's not impossible. It's just a challenge that would demand teamwork. This whole farce has been more like a crooked card game.

In a city that is addicted to government handouts, it would be a far more inspiring legacy if all involved made this stadium a monument to the power of the private sector rather than testament to sentiment clouding reason. Does nobody in the city recall the caretaker's tale of woeful fiscal judgement when he bought the team? Throw an exponent on that gaffe and you're looking at Hamilton 2015. We can opt to shore up the business model of this club with all manner of concessions, stipends and gratuities (just please don't call it a subsidy, as it offends the finer sensibilities of the semantic tacticians), but it will cost us dearly. And unlike the tabbies, the city has no sugar daddies.

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