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By Highwater (registered) | Posted July 14, 2010 at 22:51:41

Gah! Bob, it will take $50m to bring the stadium up to a size that will make it "profitable" for your business, and that's only if you include the $60m from the future fund which should not be included as a suburban stadium does not meet the city-building criteria of the future fund. So far you have only offered up $15m. And that's just the stadium alone. Then there's the 6,000 car parking lot, the highway interchange, the road widenings, the stormwater system upgrade that will be required to compensate for all the additional paving, the infrastructure to subsidize the spin off big box development...and on and on it goes.

Sprawl development, like that typified by a suburban stadium, is the reason our tax base is static. If you cared about our tax base, you would support the WH.

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