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By Don't forget about the ramp (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2010 at 16:10:47

Don't forget that the traffic has to exit the highway and make it in to the parking lot so you'd have to look at the narrowest point. If the traffic is exiting the highway to the same ramp then the four lanes would go down to one or two and you'd probably only be getting 1000 cars through each lane per hour under optimal conditions. Transit wouldn't seem to be any better because it would be vying for the same lanes in the suburban super blocks surrounding the stadium and be stuck in the same congestion.

From the cities websiste the IBI study assumed 2.6 people per vehicle under a normal event so, to be fair, the vehicle count should be 7,692.

The other item I haven't seen much consideration given is around the cost of parking. So, assuming that 7,692 people would be driving and parking and using figures obtained from the first site listed from googling "how much does a parking lot cost per space?"
means that...
a surface parking lot for 7,692 spaces at $4,000/space would cost: $30,768,000.
an above ground structure for 7,692 spaces at $20,000/space would cost: $153,840,000.
I will save the agony of listing what a below ground structure would cost.

Not sure what it would cost to maintain such a large area of parking by I think it wouldn't be so cheap!?!

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