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By Hamilton Fan (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2010 at 10:07:59

Look, personally speaking, as a season ticket holder for the TigerCats and someone who enjoys going to the west harbourfront for walks on the trail out to Princess Point and over to the Discover Centre, my preference for the stadium is at the WH site. My wife and me love going there already so if the stadium is there, it will be great to go beforehand and have a picnic there or take in a restaurant downtown perhaps. Getting to the WH from where we live near Upper Gage and Fennell is a piece of cake, another plus. I think the WH is a gem and yes, even more of a gem if the nearby Rheem site and brownfield got cleaned up. But I'm a TigerCat fan and want to see the TigerCats successful, preferably in Hamilton BTW since I live here, and I have to have some trust in what the TigerCats are saying. Setting Sail as Herman Turkstra mentions is about housing which should be built in the Barton-Tiffany brownfields and that makes sense to me. No need for a stadium there as much as it is my first choice, for selfish reasons since as I say we love going there now already. I don't need a stadium to make the view nice, it's already nice. It's a place for families and light retail and housing.

As I've said, council needs to do what they feel is the right thing to do.

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