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By sselway (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 20:01:16

Traffic IS a problem after the fireworks - gridlock. I often wonder what would happen if a resident had a heart attack or a house fire.

The map posted by Lawrence is not the map of parking envisioned by the city (I know he didn't claim it was!) The parking within a 1 km radius suggested by the city easily circles part of the North End - all the way to the school.

I truly fear we would become a neighbourhood of "permit parking" only with residents making an extra buck selling their little lawns to park a car.

Residents, and I don't blame them, would continually ask for a varience to put parking in front of their homes in tiny front yards in contradiction to the 50% bylaw. See the neighbourhood around Ivor Wynne.

Residents would endure cars parking in their permit parking only (yes, it happens now), in front of hydrants, blocking driveways, too close to corners because they do now for special events. Not to mention additional pollution from the exhaust of hundreds of cars driving and looking for THE perfect parking spot.

I live here and I use transit, ride my bike and walk. I also own a car and drive on occasion. But I am not going to kid myself into thinking that Ti-Cat fans will be whistling cheerfully driving from Ancaster (or where ever) to downtown Hamilton and taking transit or walking to a West Harbour Stadium.

Can we literally "force them" to change their "car culture" behaviour? People will bring their car for a myriad of reasons: the kids, heavy cooler & pic-nic at the park, need to get home early, running late etc.

None the less, council did pass a motion to include the residents in plans to "protect" neighbourhoods around the WH Stadium site from traffic and parking.

But I do wish the "downtown" stadium site was actually downtown. I am truly uneasy about how an entertainment precinct that distance from "the downtown" will affect it in the long term. Our downtown need nurturing and care - I would be uneasy about a "wal-mart" "home depot" type development for the same reason.

I would also question the assertion that "The design and planning process was competitive, community minded and unbiased." As a resident, I have not seen 1 bit of evidence showing how it would improve my community. Nor has there been any PUBLIC consultation.

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