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By Hamilton Fan (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 14:54:28

I disagree with your overall premise Harriet but that is fine, we all have different opinions on things. Again, please tell me how Mr. Young is telling the Mayor what to do and council when he doesn't actually have a vote on where the stadium is going? I'm having a difficult time with your logic here. The Mayor and council can decide to build a 15,000 seater at the WH if they want, that is their choice, Mr. Young has no veto in that decision at all. Again, am I missing something here Harriet?

I personally believe Mr. Young will contribute the money as he has said if the Mayor and council do decide upon the East Mountain site, a site that is what the facilitor Mr. Fenn has said will work along with the WH location for the Pan-Ams. Again, as I say, Mr. Young has no vote at all in the final voting for which site the city decides to choose. That is my understanding of the process at any rate.

You also make it sound like "big money interests" is a bad thing. Well, if it weren't for a very large and wealthy company, my father might not have been able to raise me and my brothers and sisters and provide a decent home and clothing and education because my father wasn't well educated and relied on "big money interests" to make a decent paycheque for our family. Thank goodness for "big money interests" to be quite honest.

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