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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 13:56:46

Undustrial >> often takes a loss of a tens of thousands of dollars servicing new suburban homes.

Which, if true, proves that government should not be spending nearly as much of our money as they do today.

>> Profits are what gets taken off the top of those, and other expenses.

Profits are a measurement of how much a business creates economic value for society. If a business produces things that people want to buy, they will make lots in profits and expand production, creating jobs. If they don't produce things people want to buy, they will go out of business and employ zero.

In contrast, when government invests money, they rarely make a profit, which indicates they don't produce things people really want. Take the HSR for example, it loses $30M every year.

If this $30M was give back to the taxpayers, how much of it would find it's way back to the HSR in fares? If it's less than $30M, then the difference represents the amount that government is wasting on things people don't want to buy. In other words, the difference represents the loss of capital that would have gone into creating jobs that produce things society values.

I ask you, would you rather have a job where people value what you produce, or a job where people don't really appreciate your effort? Which job will pay you more?

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