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By tuftsdacat (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 13:40:42

Young really is a genuinely likable guy. I came away with a strong sense that Young has a sincere and straightforward "agenda" in the sense of wanting the Ticats to be commercially successful; and that he believes he negotiated with the city on a stadium location in good faith.

This statement seems bizarre - he owns the TiCats and like any business person of course they want their businesses to be successful but should it be at the expense of taxpayers?

Access to the stadium on the West side would be accessible via Bay Street (from the Mountain), QEW - Main St (from the West), QEW/York Street from Burlington/East, QEW/Burlington St from the East.

There is al ot of parking within a 10-15 miniute walk from the the proposed Stadium. (like, where is the parking at Ivor Wynn)

My last point is that the TiCats will use the stadium about 10 times per year - there is at least 180 days a year that the stadium can be used.

I think seeing an outdoor concert by the harbour would be nice. Traveller coming in via the GO train would see the stadium and the harbour,

Public transit is already in place for a West side stadium and little infrastructure would be needed.

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