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By highwater (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 11:45:38

BTW, realitycheck, many people who frequent this site know my identity. I always bear that in mind and I stand by my words. Of course, who doesn't say things they regret once in a while? I don't give myself any special permission to say things on the internet that I wouldn't say in person, but God knows I've put my foot in it in person often enough.

Had I been mindful that Bob Young was reading my rantings, I would have used the word 'disingenuous' rather than 'not to be believed', but would have changed little else that I have written.

Hello, Bob. Kudos to you for engaging us on this crucial issue.

I am not a season ticket holder, but I have been a Ticat fan all my life (even during my 10 year stint in Argo territory), and have attended a number of games over the years. My dad and I made the Labour Day Classic a tradition when he was alive.

I will no longer attend games if you end up on the East Mountain. And no, this is not some empty gesture of protest, although I do feel the strong sense of betrayal that many Hamiltonians feel about this issue. Rather, I find the prospect of fighting traffic on the RHVP/Linc, parking in a sea of asphalt, sitting in a stadium in the middle of nowhere, and having no other options for dinner or a drink after the game except corporate chains in stucco boxes, to be a soul-sucking entertainment experience. Not my idea of a good time no matter how much I support the Ticats in my heart. Just one fan's perspective. Cheers.

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