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By Rough Rider (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 10:55:56

Would the worst thing in the world be losing the Ticats? Ottawa and Montreal have both lost their teams and regained franchises somewhere down the line. The Alouettes returing to Montreal was a hit, while the Renegades replacing the Rough Riders was less so. Both cities didn't get shunned by the rest of Canada because of the let their team go defunct and life continued in both communities.

Maybe we do have to let the Ticats sail away (killing them sounds so harsh) to Halifax or let them set up the franchise in Ottawa - while cooler heads prevail and Hamilton can truly think about this VERY big decision. The City of Hamilton retains all copyright to the name, colours and records of the formerly known Tabbies and another Canadian city can claim a CFL team that hasn't been good in a long time. Sorry Mr. Young - this isn't about your football team - it definitely is about Hamilton looking at itself and wanting something better than what we've had for the better part of 30 years. Renewal is so close - yet so far away. This city lacks a vision that the entire community can work towards and those who have been reaping the rewards of a fractured Hamilton - hope and pray council and the Ticats do make the wrong decision which sets us back another 30 years. "They" are the only ones making money from this place the way it is - why would they want to share?

So - let the CFL move the team to another city and we can all help Hamilton get on with rebuilding this community - with or without the Pan Am Games.

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