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By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 10:47:31

Thank you Ryan for bringing Bob Young's perspective to this discussion, although I would have preferred to see a interview piece on par with the Eisenberger interview, and perhaps with a bit less of an editorial slant.

Bob Young has always been up front and frank whenever interviewed, so I don't think it fair for Highwater to accuse Bob Young of being dishonest about his preferred location. Why would he be?

A location along the 403 should not be immediately rejected off the cuff, particularly if it is being done so with the assumption that the stadium will be used only ten times a year. The city is not building a stadium for use ten days of the year. It needs to be built with the intention of much more frequent use, with amateur sporting events, a professional soccer team, and live concert events. This is the only way any stadium anywhere in Hamilton can be viable. Given these facts, a space in the Innovation district such as the land formerly considered for big box retail could be considered an appropriate site for a stadium.

The manner in which Highwater summarily rejects practically every suggested alternative to West Harbour makes me suspect she is either on the city's negotiating team or is an owner of property in the West Harbour location looking to make a few bucks on a quick flip. In order to resolve this impasse, eyes and minds need to be open to any and all potential solutions. Presenting an ultimatum of West Harbour or nothing, quite frankly, will just leave us with nothing.

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