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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2010 at 21:20:32

If the city thinks that the community really wants a new stadium, then why don't they allow consumers to finance it through higher ticket prices or user fees. We don't ask the city to finance new stores, or new restaurants/bars, yet they get built. We don't ask the city to finance the construction of new homes, yet many get built every year.

If someone thinks that there is enough consumer demand to support a new stadium, it will get built. If there isn't enough consumer demand, then why are we asking taxpayers to fund it? We talk a lot about improving Hamilton's economy, which is based on fostering companies that are profitable. Without profits, there are no jobs.

How do we create more profits in this city? By not taking money away from people and spending it on projects that will never make a profit, like a public stadium. If this money was given back to the people, it would flow back into local businesses, allow them to expand their operations, and this would create employment.

Running an economy is simple, let people decide who is best at creating consumer value and they will voluntarily give businesses the capital they require to finance new capital projects. It's democracy and voting, but without the need for the middleman of government.

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