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By highwater (registered) | Posted July 12, 2010 at 12:54:51

The city's money would also go to the what's good for a precinct is good for the stadium and the city.

Yes. The city's $60 Million goes to the stadium and precinct, vs. Bob's paltry $15m, so the city should get more say in the location.

Young's money leverages other private funds.

So where is it then? Until he can show us the $50m it will take to get him the stadium he wants, he doesn't get to dictate terms.

I know you don't believe in private money! For you its all about sucking on the public teat.

Ok. We've entered Crazytown now. You have things pretty much exactly backwards. Bob Young is the one who is sucking on the public teat here. And I do believe in private money! Maybe if I believe harder, some of it will actually appear! But until it does, the public money should call the shots.

If I'm a sockpuppet for Young, you are for the very rich landowners around the harbour who are salivating at the chance to realize a fortune...


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