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By highwater (registered) | Posted July 12, 2010 at 10:12:17

In fact if you break down the TiCat proposal it consists of $15M for construction of a new stadium, $5M to bring a professional soccer league to the stadium; $3M per year for 10 years to cover operating costs...that is a total of $30M and an additional $10M or so to attract and stage a Grey Cup game(s) in Hamilton.

Nice try Bob's sock puppet, but as H&h points out, Bob has pledged his $15m to the stadium precinct. As an astute commenter on SSP pointed out, Deloitte and Touche put the cost of a 3,000 car parking lot in the aerotropolis at $14.2m. I can't think of any reason to believe the costs would be much different at the stadium, which means that Bob's $15m will cover a little over half of the 6,000 car parking lot that he wants to collect all the revenue from.

$50m is required to bring the 15,000 seat up to the size required for a CFL team. Bob's $15m comes nowhere near that, with no guarantee that it will even go toward the stadium at all! Yet he wants to dictate to the citizens of this city who will be paying virtually all the bills, and living with the disastrous consequences of his regressive planning notions for decades to come! Too bad his wallet isn't as big as his chutzpah.

Oh, and the promise of a professional soccer team and $1.30 will get you a cup of coffee on James St.

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