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By sselway (registered) | Posted July 11, 2010 at 19:13:25

So much doom and gloom about the potential new stadium site! There were many also problems also with the West Harbour site, yet many were so pumped to have it there, they didn't think about the expropriations or even best use of the property. Advocates are so wanting that site, they didn't even consider the possible problems. Would it still be the best site if the stadium was a hunk of concrete, if roads were widened, if more parking lots were built, if home owners started parking in their front yards, if home owners started selling, . . . .

Not to be boring, council had rejected a stadium on that site before and zoned it for medium density residential through a public process: the secondary official plan, Setting Sail.

With all due respect, council would have probably put the parking lot/road access scenerio into the West Harbour site and not stopped at the 600+ spaces. Or worse yet, decided to increase road width or even built easier access roads to the WH stadium.

I have seen good stadiums where negative impacts were mediated through a strong public consultation. Never have I heard of our mayor/city contacting the residents or neighbourhoods in order to engage or consult with them! We were informed.

However, by going back to the plans in Setting Sail, we have a chance to achieve all the city's vision - raise a child, engage citizens, promote innovation, and business opportunity.

So lets put the velodrome there, build houses, small businesses, transit, and greenspace! Hamilton can achieve its goal of progressive development and urban revitalization.

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