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By slodrive (registered) | Posted July 11, 2010 at 00:37:38

As I've stated, I'm a West Harbour/ downtown proponent. And, as such, I have similar views to Mayor Fred, and many on this site.

However -- and a big however -- I'm not going to sit here and believe that the Ticats are these evil dictators who smiled and nodded all along. I think Fred and his crew needed to give the main tenant of this stadium a whole lot more of a role in this from the get-go. If the Cats were reluctant to get involved, they should've been dragged by the ear.

The major downfall of this whole process, I believe, are all the 'what-ifs' that go along witht the West Harbour. Personally, I envision LRT going east-west and, somehow, upper and lower. But, if you are a business owner are you going to bank on that? We are talking about real dollars and real investment. Regardless of the actual numbers. All it will take is a change in government (which, looks prety likely in this province) for there to be, at least, a hiccup in the plans.

I very much believe that the ORC lands are a mistake. I'm a huge Ticat fan, a proud Hamiltonian, and, thus, hope they can jam 30k in there no matter where the stadium ends up. But I have a hard time putting much blame in Bob Young's court here. He knows his customers and he knows how the locations fit the customers -- and/or those who are going to make this investment worthwhile for the city.

I just wish the city had just a bit more for the Cats at the West Harbour (or, as I'd prefer, something even closer to downtown.)

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