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By livin'here (anonymous) | Posted July 10, 2010 at 22:10:41

Putting a stadium on the Rheem land was not necessarily going to be the in the best interest for Hamilton. Stadiums do not necessarily "fix" neighbourhoods, (or downtowns!) although sometimes damage can be mitigated through community consultation and including the residents on the design and planning committees. Would that happen in Hamilton?

This stadium, whether it be at the West Harbour or somewhere else, will be built by the Pan Am group - Hostco (I think its called). Hostco has no particular interest in our community, but they do have an interest in the PAG. It has to fit the Pan Am Games, not the downtown, not the neighbourhood.

We needed it for the Tiger Cats.

So, it seems to me the whole "mediation" process should have taken place before Feb. 2009! The Cats and the City should have been working together throughout the process. The City and Fred knew all along they needed the Cats.

This whole thing including expropriating my neighbours, smacks of "urban renewal" circa 1960 - 1970's.

The best thing for "fixing" Hamilton's downtown is intensification. (Plus a few others like converting King, Main, Cannon into 2 way streets). There is no reason why the Rheem site can't become a "greenfield". Work though "Setting Sail" like Fred said.

Residential is the best use of the land and gives the city money through property taxes, and more people living'here is good for business and Hamilton.

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