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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2010 at 13:19:06

In my experience, though some young people lack experience, most are at least as likely to be politically involved or aware. Especially teenagers - not being able to vote means you have to get involved in other ways. And while not all have the years of connections and hours of stories that some of us have, young people tend to bring a lot of positive energy to political organizations and campaigns. Brilliant ideas, theories and inventions come from young people all the time, because so many brilliant ideas are more instinctual than everything else. Kids adapt really well to very complex circumstances - it's why kids are so good with computers. Apply that to any of the many areas us dirty kids had to learn quick at Red Hill (law, media, ecology, Iroquois building etc), and you end up with kids who can help run a media campaign before they can legally drink. Some were as young as fifteen at the time, many were dropouts, and few of us worked much - but all of us learned a million times more than if we'd been at school.

Tokenize kids, and they'll show up to drink your beer. But honestly include and engage them and you'll end up with high-school students (or dropouts) who blow you away.

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