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By michaelcumming (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2010 at 13:18:31

From my experience in big cities such as New York and London there are lots of people who obviously love living there (such as Canadian ex-pats). People who make the conscious decision to move to such places usually have the autonomy and cash to fully enjoy their time there.

However, in many big cities you also find people who can't really understand how they ended up living with 10 million other people. They may not really be 'city people' at all. If things had worked out differently, they could see themselves living in the equivalent of Utica quite happily.

Lots of people get stuck in places and have little idea how they got there and what they need to do to 'escape.' Even in the best cities quality of life is often a mental construct. It depends on your perspective, history and motivations. We love Hamilton because we made the conscious decision to settle here. If someone had forced us to move here we might see things differently.

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