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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2010 at 00:04:43

I'll take that one Jason. Backroom dealing is without a doubt the most crucial issue in Hamilton today.

Look at DiIanni. He cheated in the election, and won (as was the style with that month's elections). We caught him - Hamilton had the proof posted within days of the election, and council didn't want to succeed. Joanna Chapman put up the money herself, and we got him tried under the new municipal elections act, and won. He had to pay back the money (0% interest on a loan that buys a city) and write a letter of apology.

He was allowed to run in the next election, and has since been courted for many others. Many of those who illegally donated were repaid with slick contracts. The owners of the City Centre gave him free campaign space, and within a few years they had city hall renting out half the mall.

I worked as a scrutineer in that election. As one other lady doing the same for another candidate confided in me "I donated to both candidates. I have to. I own a business. I donated more to one of them, and he knows, but the other doesn't".

Corruption. Plain and simple.

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