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By jason (registered) | Posted July 09, 2010 at 19:46:40

Both the underpasses at Centennial and Kenilworth were also closed

I noticed this today too. All this fact proves is that our brand new highway was designed with the same skill and expertise as multi-decade old rail-lines in the north end of the city that forced the steep and awkward dips along Kenilworth and Centennial which flood almost every time it rains out. I thought we were designing something 21st Century, not 1940's.

And by the way, I wouldn't pay any attention to 'amateur' rain gauges that the Spec loves to seek out for these stories. Environment Canada has professional stations that monitor rainfall all across southern Ontario.
I am a weather buff, and I know this much - it was raining lightly/moderately this morning for about 45 minutes when the highway started flooding over. The heavy rain didn't come until after they were already closing it down. And todays heavy rain was typical for any cold front coming through after a sticky spell. We get rainfall like that many times per year and have as long as weather records go back.

The massive parade of t-storms last July were truly a wild event. Everything since then has been typical.
Heck, no rainfall warnings or even advisories were needed today due to the common nature of the rain.

At least the city is being honest and telling us to get used to it, just like we're used to it on Kenilworth North and Centennial North.

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