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By Hunter (anonymous) | Posted July 09, 2010 at 09:24:29

Does anyone else think our municipal democracy doesn't work? The Mayors of both Hamilton and Toronto only have one vote. Without power, you can't have respect and therefore you can't lead.

Mahatma Ghandi or JFK couldn't lead this council if they only had one vote. As the mayor is supposed to look out for the entire city and is voted for by the entire city, why not give him more power - ie 5 votes?

As it exists now, councillors have nothing to lose taking potshots at the mayor and playing to the ignorant factions of their constituency. 15 chiefs jealously guard their own fiefdoms, succumb to groupthink, lowest common denominator agreements and literally tear the city apart.

I think giving the mayor more actual power would increase the efficiency of the city whether you supported the mayor or not. At least there would be some leadership and accountability. Councillors should fear the mayor, not the other way around. Just look at what the current system has brought.

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