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By Earl (anonymous) | Posted July 06, 2010 at 23:34:25

I applaud Mr. Young and our Hamilton TigerCats for stepping up and hopefully the Mayor and council will see the light on this. I hope the West Habourfront and Rheem site gets remediated and becomes a green oasis as it should be, that land is too valuable to put a stadium on. The stadium should go where there is excellent access and visibility and while the RHV Parkway and Linc isn't the TigerCats first choice, they are compromsing and bringing forth money for the project.

Hoping this goes through as a season ticket holder for the TigerCats who wants to see the team remain in Hamilton and as a trail walker at the west harbourfront location who wants to see more green space in this area especially an area that can use this as it's in a lower income area, James North, and the famillies there deserve to have more green space to play on since they aren't trekking to cottages as much as more wealthy people who live in the area.

Thank you Bob Young and hopefully thank you Mayor and council. No need to put a stadium anywhere near the downtown.

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