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By frank (registered) | Posted July 06, 2010 at 22:36:43

In this article Young says he's willing to commit 74 million to the alternative site...

My response: really? how about we just leave you playing in the crumbling venue you're at now instead of wasting my money to build you a new sandbox to play in so you can abandon it in a few years and you can put your 74 million into subsidizing your own team?? forget using my tax money to prop up some lame lack-of-visionary's team when he has 74 million to blow on a location that by all indications elsewhere is an incredibly poor location!

or even better, invest your 74 million in a property that you can build your own little stadium on sometime in the future, surrounded by parking lots that are empty 350 days of the year! BUTT OUT BOB YOUNG!!! THIS ISN'T YOUR STADIUM TO BUILD!!!

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