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By Yvonne Woodley (anonymous) | Posted June 29, 2010 at 10:31:41

"Trying to morphing"? Have you a grasp of this language called English, "Artwords"? Or, sorry, your name is actually "Moreartwords" is it? oh, no I see it's "Hmmm". How profound. You have the gall to call Dave a "self-appointed community builder hero". The only 'self-appointed' anything around here is you. You are a self appointed bile spewer. You are gutless enough to remain anonymous, yet you don't even stand by your own ill-penned words strongly enough to maintain the same alias. You typify old school thinking in this city. Shoot anyone who tries to change things. Of course Dave and Teresa have a business to run, selling art supplies in their shop constitutes that business. How is that a bad thing? If you don't like the prices, talk to them. They are extremely approachable people.

When you further reveal your ignorance by labelling Dave "non inclusive, pretentious and unsophisticated and narrow-minded" it's obvious you don't know him at all. I have never met anyone as inclusive and unpretentious as Dave Kuruc. I assume you are describing yourself. Come on, gutless wonder, who are you? You are a hurtful, self-indulgent idiot. What have you contributed to your community lately? Dave has never EVER described himself as a community hero. The Spec is the Spec is the Spec. Why vent your spleen on the subject of their articles, instead of on the writer of them? This reeks of jealousy. Get out and do something constructive for the people you purport to represent "we were right" - is that the royal "we"? The hilarious thing about your pathetic comments is the effect they are having in actually galvanizing support for Dave from those who have bothered to get to know him. Well done!

Also, to Matt and Dave, thank you for drawing my attention to Mahesh Butani. I had never heard of him and have now read his bio. He too sounds like the sort of hand-on person who likes to get things done in this city instead of bleating on about others' apparent failings. Dave - don't let the imbeciles get you down.

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