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By TheCool (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2010 at 15:37:52

Kevin should stay away from art all's people built like him...or her, that impedes self-expression. Do me a favor, give me a link to something you created. This argument posted here is infantile as well as malicious/spiteful, are you lonely Kev? Are you mad because you have no ability? Not even the ability to write objectively, or even well for that matter, as exemplified in this post.

Jackson Pollack may not have had an outlined/structured plan for his pieces, executing it with professional style and talent...but why shouldn't someone express their true feelings in any way they know how.

You "paint" Pollack as a vain individual and a hack, I guess you've met him,right? He expressed his vanity to you in a personal conversation I suppose. Your insight is well thought out and formulated Kev-o, too bad it was filtered with hate and bias instead of journalistic inquiry.

If writing/journalism is your "art" you're as undeveloped and novice as you claim Pollack to have been, and there is no room for you. Not anyone like you, you specifically Kev-dawg. "Just paint, homey"....well, you're garbage, homey

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